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Unhealthy Patterns

Thank you so much for coming back! 
The 1st week we discussed the wrong mindset and how that would shape our behavior. The 2nd week we talked about bad habits and how small things done daily over time compound. 

In the final week of the series, we are going to show you how the first 2 develop unhealthy patterns. 

Last week I told you about my Golf Tec story... well not to belabor the point but I am going to share with you a golf story that because of the wrong mindset and bad habits I developed an unhealthy pattern. 

Growing up I played baseball and golf. I bet you are already thinking those 2 don’t mix. I have always had a golf swing that more or less was affected by my baseball swing. Without boring you with details, I had a golf swing that would make the ball go right. Over time I thought it didn’t matter how the ball got to the green as long as it did (wrong mindset). Because of my mindset I kept swinging the wrong way (bad habits). I was told in my lessons that because of this swing I have learned to adjust my body in a way for the swing to work (unhealthy patterns). 

These patterns develop from the first two points. This becomes your way of life without even realizing it. Your outward behavior comes from what is happening on the inside. Small decisions overtime will lead you in the wrong direction. Start looking inward first, then outward. 

What does this mean? 

Work on yourself more than your job:

  • Character is what helps you finish well- How you carry yourself.

  • Integrity helps you do the right thing for the right reasons

Begin to develop Wise thinking and Good Habits. Overtime you will see the direction of your life shift in the direction you want it.  

To begin, begin.
— William Wordsworth