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Bad Habits

It’s good to have you back. To recap, last week, we discussed the beginning of how did I get here. What we discovered is the first thing that we have to get right is our Mindset! Remember: Wise Thinking Leads to Right Living. This is a great place to start. 

What’s important is: Start Today

Today we are going to discuss how we got where we are: Habits.


If you aren’t developing good habits you are developing bad habits. This idea never made sense to me until I realized the source of my frustration: when I said I’ll do it later, I was developing a habit of later.  

The Law of Diminishing Intent says when you put off something, the less likely you are to do it. How many times have you said “later”? We have responsibility over our choices. When you say no, no becomes the habit.

We live in a time that says do what you feel! This is incorrect. We have to make a CHOICE and the feelings will come. I can equate it to this example: I told you I went to GolfTec for some lessons.

I have been golfing for over 15 years and have developed my swing which I thought was pretty good. I knew some things weren’t correct and I felt like I had plateaued. So, I had to make a choice to get better and realized that I need some small corrections. The RIGHT swing did not FEEL right at all. But I listened to the instructor... I took the correct swing at the ball and it had the right trajectory and added 15-20 yards to my distance. 

What I’m saying here is let’s make the Right Choice today and over time we will look back and say WOW I can do this- How did I get here. 

Pick 1 or 2 things you want to add to your life: don’t add too many because you may become overwhelmed

  • Pick a time daily and try to stay consistent: give yourself some grace but remember daily compounds. 

  • Do 1 thing you don’t want to do immediately when you get up: make your bed, floss, workout. 

Small habits developed daily over time compounds. What I have learned about habits is that they will develop more habits.